St. Paul's School,  Nimbahera


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Udaipur Road Chittorgarh Dist

Phone : (01477) 224459

The Vincentian mission in Nimbahera came as a follow up of the relief work programme after the devastating earthquake of 2001 in the western region of Gujarat. On 10th of March Rev. Fr. Thomas Mullanmada was sent to carry out the relief project work of the province with the co-operation of Rajkot diocese's social work team and joined them in constructing hundred houses for the poor people of the area in the village of Billia which comes under the Taluk of Marby which is very famous for tiles and earthenware. Meanwhile, a proposal was put forward to start a new mission center in Rajsthan and on approaching the Bishop of Udaipur, Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Pathalil, Vincentians were warmly welcomed. The diocese was happy to hand over us a vast area of 16 bigas of land and made an agreement with the then Provincial to start a parish and a school there. Rev. Fr. Thomas Mullanmada was looking after the construction of Houses at Gujarat as well as taking care of the spiritual needs of the people of Nimbahera. Since it was a tiresome task to travel such a distance of 800 km regularly, in the month of June 2002, Rev. Fr. Sebastian Anthikad had been given the charge of the reconstruction of the Billia village whereas Rev. Fr. Thomas Mullanmada was appointed as the parish priest of Nimbahera. He was also asked to start the work of the proposed English Medium School there. On July 27, 2002, the De Paul School Nimbahera was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Joseph Pathatlil. Initially Rev. Fr. Thomas Inchakkan was sent to help Rev. Fr. Thomas Mullanmada. The school started with 72 children, and the number of children was added every year and classes were upgraded. The school has now strength of 450 children up to eighth standard.

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