De Paul Seminary,  Morogoro


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Tungi Road
P.O. Box 6051 Madaraka

Phone : +232600029

De Paul Seminary is our formation house for the major seminarians. It is in the diocese of Morogoro. Among our different centers, it is the house which is nearest to Dar Es Salaam city. It is a beautiful two story building with individual rooms for the seminarians. It is very close to the Salvatorian Seminary, where our brothers do their philosophical and theological studies.
At present Fr. Thomas Kandathil is the Rector of De Paul Seminary and Bro. Leopold helps him as house procurator. Fr. Thomas is also a regular professor in the Salvatorian Institute. Among our theology students here, one has completed his 3rd year theology, another one has completed 2nd year theology and two have completed their 1st year theology. Among the philosophy students four of them have completed their 3rd year philosophy and are preparing to go for their novitiate in Ethiopia. Another four of them have completed their 2nd year philosophy, and this year two of them begin their 1st year philosophical course.

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