St. Joseph's Church,  Mbangmao


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Mbangamao Kanisa Katoliki S.L.P 212

Phone : + 255 764 416 412

St. Joseph's Church of Mbangmao is another parish under the care of Vincentians in the same diocese of Mbinga. It is also situated in a remote and mountainous village and it is closer to Mpepai parish .The parish was entrusted to the care of Vincentians in the Year 1997. It has a catholic population of 14,464. There are seven substations under this parish, and the farthest substation is situated some 20 kms away from the parish. And every alternative Sunday, the priests go to different substations for the spiritual care of the faithful. Including children and adults, nearly one thousand people are baptized here every year. The Parish has as many as six kindergarten schools for kids and a primary school in order to take care of the educational needs of the children. The construction of a secondary school is also on the process. For the last six years, Fr. Varghese Ayyampilly is the parish priest here. He is also working as coordinator of the social works here, especially as the Director of CHALICE (Christian Child Care Internationals) in Tanzania . Through this organization we help nearly 1000 children on a regular basis for their food, clothing, education etc..

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