C.M. College,  Janampet


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West Godavary Dt.
Andhra Pradesh

Phone : (08812) 225031

C.M. College is a study house for our theology students who are studying at Vijnananilayam, institute of Philosophy and religion. There are around 25 houses belonging to the congregations of men and women in and around this campus. Women congregations, though do not send their students to Vijnananilayam, are also considered as part of the campus. C.M. College, one of the 10 study houses of men congregations built outside of the Campus is very much part of it, and very actively take part in all the campus activities. C.M. College is situated at Janampet roughly 12 kms. From Eluru town. Janampeta is a small village stands on the major District Road between Eluru and Bhadrajalam and Hydrabad. Vijnananilayam, institute of Philosophy and religion stands just across the road within a distance of roughly 5mnts walk from C.M. College. Our students walk to the institute for classes and other functions. (The furthest study house is around 10kms. from Janampet). We opened this house in 2001to accommodate our Philosophy students, but, over the years it has changed in to a Study house for the Theology students. At the moment it is a recognized Theology study house in the campus. It houses 9 students and 2 confreres on the staff (Rector and Spiritual Director). C.M. College stands on a 5 acre low lying land in the Village Janampeta.

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