The various activities organized by the Province

In line with the social commitment of the province and the preferential option for the poor that it tries to emulate in all the ministries, the various activities taken up by the Southern Indian province in connection with the Covid 19 are as follows:

Distribution of Masks

The rigorous task by the governmental authorities for the control and containment of the Covid 19 was to provide people with testing and also to provide them with Masks in order to contain the spread the virus. In line with governmental policy and the different communities were involved with the production and distribution of masks for the village flock. Seeing this good work the governmental authorities from the Karnataka state requested us for the mass production of the masks. Upon this recommendation from the government the province is involved in a mass production and distribution of masks for the containment of Covid 19.

Community kitchens

Another initiative by the province was to provide people those quarantined with cooked food from the different community kitchens of different communities like Anaikulam community provided food for 250 people, Mysuru community provided food for 300 people and again Thrichy and Vengavila communities provided food for 100 people each for 2 days. A good number of confreres from different communities were involved in the distribution of food in order to alleviate the hunger of the people already cornered and marginalized by the pandemic.

Disinfectant Tunnels

The community in Chennai was proactive in establishing three disinfectant tunnels for the control of the Virus and to contain it. The disinfectant tunnels in collaboration with the governmental authorities were set up in different parts of the city with an aim to disinfect the people who pass through it.

Distribution of food materials

Another initiative by the province and different communities was to provide the poor families with food material so as to enable them to store the food materials in case of a shortage in future and to create a food security by this measure of our own even if it is for a short time.

Contribution towards the PM Relief Fund and CM Relief Fund

The province made its contribution towards the Prime Ministers Relief Fund and some state Chief Ministers' Relief Fund in order to be part of the governmental actions and measures in the control and containment of Covid 19 and to rescue the nation from the clutches of this pandemic.

Several Spiritual Activities.

All the communities too become part of the world spiritual community praying for an end to this pandemic. Different leaflets consecrating the people to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal were distributed and all the communities along with the daily spiritual activities organize a special adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and the Novena of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal praying for the end of the pandemic.